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Top 5 coolest moments with E3 2019

Top 5 coolest moments with E3 2019

That ended E3 2019. We can say that it was the most boring and meager exhibition in recent years, but it still brought a couple of interesting moments. We will talk about them in our today's top.

1. Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk 2077

This is probably the coolest thing that happened at E3. Microsoft quietly showed the cinematic trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, when Keanu Reeves took the stage to talk about her presence in the game. And when the actor called the world of the game “incredible,” someone in the crowd shouted “You are unbelievable.” Keanu did not lose his head and called everyone present incredible, which once again confirmed his reputation as a good guy.

2. Ilon Max and Bethesda

Another unexpected moment was the appearance of Ilona Mask at E3. The famous inventor made the company Jeff Kaylee in his transfer to the E3 Colosseum, which Todd Howard from Bethesda soon joined to announce that Skyrim will be released on Tesla cars .

3. Ban Doctor Disrespect

Top 5 coolest moments with E3 2019

Dr. Dispect is a famous Twitch streamer and a rather scandalous person. He appeared on E3 with his camera and streamlined his presence at the exhibition, but this was not enough. The doctor went to the toilet to arrange a broadcast from there, but this is prohibited by California law, so he was immediately banned for a while on Twitch and forbidden to appear on E3.

4. Ubisoft Well done

Top 5 coolest moments with E3 2019

No matter how hard Ubisoft tried, in recent years the company has badly damaged its reputation by constant downgrades. Therefore, when the publisher showed his new game Watch Dogs: Legion on E3 , he focused attention not on the chart, but on the fact that in this game you can become anyone. You can literally take control of every character in the world who has his own unique story. This is a huge step forward for open world games. Perhaps this is the first look at the future of the whole genre.

5. Mirosoft introduced the next generation Xbox
Top 5 coolest moments with E3 2019

Perhaps it was done very early, but Microsoft officially announced the next generation of the Xbox. The platform holder did not show any controller or console appearance, but we know that the Xbox Scarlett is real and it promises to be the most powerful system.

And what moment did you remember most from the exhibition?

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Bright Memory - Episode 1 Free Download

Bright Memory is an adventure game in the genre of first-person shooter with various puzzle solving elements and constant battles with several opponents at the same time. In this game you have to take on the role of a girl named Shelia, who is an agent of a large research corporation called SRO.

The fact is that quite recently valuable artifacts were discovered that can not only give the owner enormous power, but even give them the ability to resurrect the dead, and this has already become an interesting object for the military from the SAI corporation. Therefore, you have to become a party to this conflict and help scientists avoid a sad fate, trying to save all the artifacts found. 

Constant battles, beautiful modern graphics, an interesting plot and even the presence of huge monsters.  As you may have guessed, the whole story will be divided into episodes and now you can get acquainted with the first part. As soon as the second part is released, you can immediately continue the adventure by downloading the sequel from our site. Do not rush to underestimate Shelia - she is a professional mercenary and she definitely will not be offended, especially with your help. Ready to take action? Then we suggest you immediately download Bright Memory - Episode 1 via torrent in Russian and fully immerse yourself in this exciting adventure. Have a nice game!

Research Organization natural sciences (SRO) in 2020 discovered material with which you can reproduce the memories of dead people. Envious wanted to take possession of him, so once penetrated the territory of the institute of the organization. Now a girl named Shelly, who works at the SRO, should return everything to its place.

Year: January 12, 2019 
Genre: Action, 1st Person 
Developer: FYQD Personal Studio 
Publisher: FYQD Personal Studio 
Platform: RS 
Interface language: English, Chinese
Voice Language: Chinese
Tabletka: Not required 

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 64 bit 
Processor: i5-3470 INTEL or AMD Equivalent 
Video card: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7770 
DirectX: Version 11 
Disk space: 4 GB

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APEX Legends News & Updates From EA Games

Hello, legends!

June is near, and we wanted to tell you about the in-game event that will start next week, and at the same time about the first details about the season 2 combat pass.

The hunt begins ...

Compete in the Legendary Hunt test and discover this epic “Master of the Hunt” for Bloodhound and many other awards.

Next Tuesday we will launch a new event called “The Legendary Hunt”. It will last two weeks, and with it in the Kings Canyon will appear:

Elite Apex Games

  • Challenge yourself by fighting the best of the best in the Apex elite. Enter the top five in any match to get into a special category of games, full of other players from the top five winners.
  • But not so simple! In order to continue to be able to compete in the ranks of the elite, you will need to get into the top five again and again.
Awards for testing "Legendary Hunt"

  • Complete a series of time-limited trials and get new rare, epic and legendary rewards.

Weekend double experience

  • From Friday, June 7, from 8:00 pm Moscow time, and until Monday, June 10, until 8:00 pm Moscow time, earn double experience for the overall progress and progress of the combat pass.

Bonus combat pass experience

  • Enter the top five in any match and earn a whole level of combat passes (no more than once a day).

The faces of the "Legendary Hunt" in the store

  • Every three or four days during the event in the store will appear new images in the style of "Legendary Hunt", replacing the previous ones.

The legendary coloring of weapons and the legendary look for all owners of combat pass

  • Players with a combat pass of the “Indomitable Frontier” will automatically receive the legendary “Worthy sacrifice” coloring for R-301.
  • Players who have reached level 15 combat passes before the end of the event will receive the legendary “Night Fear” look for Rafe.    

The legendary coloring “Worthy sacrifice” for R-301 and the legendary look “Night Fear” for Rafe.

Next Tuesday we will tell about everything in more detail, but for now get ready for the hunt!

The first information about the combat pass season 2

On Saturday, June 8, at 20:00 Moscow time, we will share the first details about the season 2 Apex Legends on the broadcast from EA PLAY. And today we want to talk only about some of the key changes associated with the second combat pass. So just give the floor to our lead product manager, Lee Horn. Tell me, Lee!

Leeeeeee-RSPN is with you and I have news of the season 2 combat pass. We followed the season 1 battle pass in the community and received many valuable feedback from the players. Today I can’t wait to tell you just about some changes and improvements that are waiting for you with the release of the season 2 combat pass so you can be sure that we are moving in the right direction.

In short, here are some of the upcoming improvements:

  • Leveling up with daily and weekly trials.
  • Reaching the 100th level of the combat pass will be significantly faster.
  • Three additional legendary items will be included in the reward system.
  • Three brand new item categories will replace emblems and statistics tracking tools in the reward list.
  • In the course of obtaining a full set of awards, you will earn enough precious metals to make a legendary item or what your heart desires.

Daily and weekly testing and improvement of pumping

Starting from season 2, you will be able to participate in various daily and weekly trials to increase the level of combat pass. If you miss a few weeks or start later, the weekly trials will wait for you, and you can go through them all at once.

We do not want to introduce weekly trials that will dramatically change the gameplay for you, but these new items still pleasantly diversify the game. Thus, you will surely notice more rapid progress in combat pass level, and the path to high levels, we hope, will become more interesting. In addition, this innovation should allow players who can devote the game only a few hours a week to significantly advance the levels of combat passes.

More, more oh, more legends!

We add three more legendary items to the combat pass, and now among the premium awards you will have access to a new legendary item every 25 levels of combat pass, including when you buy (that is, for 1st, 25th, 50th, 75 th and 100th levels). Our goal is to achieve a good balance of cool exclusive pieces for characters and appearance items for everyone (weapon coloring, etc.). The reward for the 100th level will be the variable coloring of the weapon, and those who have reached the 110th level will open its special version in other colors.

New types of items of appearance and the abolition of emblems and statistics tracking tools among premium awards

For season 2, we completely removed the emblems and regular statistics tracking tools from the award system for combat premium passes. You still get the seasonal emblem, but it will be one variable emblem that won’t take up additional reward cells! We’ve left seasonal tracking tools for winning statistics on free rewards and can be earned in the first 10 levels.

You can also open items from three new categories that will come to replace emblems and statistics. More about these categories of awards, we will tell closer to the release of season 2.

Enough precious metals for a legendary item

We replace voice cues in the award system with precious metals. Now you can earn enough precious metals (1200 units) to make any  legendary  item of your choice. So, if there is any object that you really wanted to get, in season 2 you will have a great opportunity for this. You can also get additional valuable metals from Apex sets, which are included in the combat pass award.

We still have a lot of news about season 2 on our way, so be sure to check out our broadcast on Saturday, June 8th to find out about everything that we have prepared for you.

- Lee Horn

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Phoenix point Download Free

The creator of the legendary XCOM game, Julian Gollop, founded a new studio in 2013, Snapshot Games, and presented the first project developed by Chaos Reborn in 2015, which was a continuation of the turn-based strategy of Chaos, which appeared back in 1985. In March of this year, it became known that Snapshot Games studio is working on its second project: it is named Phoenix Point; It is a global strategy with turn-based tactical battles; talks about the ecological cataclysm that destroyed almost all of humanity, and how terrible mutants emerged from the depths of the world’s oceans, who will have to confront the few survivors.

When it will be possible to download Phoenix Point for free via torrent, it cannot be said yet, since it is still too early to talk about the approximate release date. And in general, developers post information about the new game in very small portions. Now it is only known that the possibility of defeating the enemy for certain goals is embodied, which will change his behavior and the course of the battle as a whole. And also very interesting is the fact that enemies will mutate in accordance with the combat style of the gamer, adapting to it.

Year of release: 2018 
Genre: Strategy 
Developer: Snapshot Games 
Publisher: Snapshot Games 
Interface language: English
Language of voiceovers: English
Tablet: Not required 

System requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2.6 GHz 
Memory: 4 GB 
Graphics card: 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better 
Disk space: 7 GB

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The Fortnite event began in honor of the release of the third "John Wick"

The Fortnite event began in honor of the release of the third "John Wick"

After a series of leaks and teasers, Epic Games launched a crossover at Fortnite with the third John Wick , which, of course, is inferior in scale to the recent Avengers .
In addition to the hero of the same name, another temporary regime appeared in the royal battle - "Reward for the head", where you have to kill other mercenaries and collect golden coins of the Board. Under this mode, you can get free items:
  • decoration on the back "Gold coin"
  • hang-glider "Accurate shot"
  • wrapper "Baba Yaga"
  • power amplifier
In addition, the store has a set of "John Wick", including a pickax "Sledgehammer" and the hero himself.
 Set "John Wick"
 Free rewards from timed mode