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Main Stream Gamers' Screenshot Viewer is intended to assist game server administrators by:

  1. listing all players and a count of their screenshots
  2. showing player details including GUID and aliases
  3. providing a scrollable list of all screenshots of a selected player
  4. listing time periods and the count of screenshots in each
  5. providing a scrollable list of all screenshots of a selected time period

The Viewer was developed for use with Call of Duty 4 but reportedly works with America's Army, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty: World at War. It probably works with other PunkBuster™ installations, too.

Mode of Operation

The Viewer is a stand-alone HTML file with imbedded Javascript and style. It does not require a web server, ASP, CGI, PHP, etc.

The HTML file is opened with a web browser (a) as a local file or
(b) via FTP URL connection to a remote game server or (c) as a remote URL (though it is not common to have public HTML access to screenshots).

The Viewer, running in a web browser, interprets PunkBuster's screenshot index and uses that information, plus the files mentioned in the index, to build its own custom views of the indexed items.


The Viewer is offered according to the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.

The GPL is the definitive description of the license but in short it may be fair to say that the Viewer is offered free of charge and nearly free of conditions on using, copying, distributing, and changing it. The author believes it works swell and that it can be useful but the author could be wrong. All of the results and implications of the Viewer's installation and use are the responsibility of its users, not of anyone else.

What's Next?

A Screenshot Manager is in the design phase. It is planned to:

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